Jack Loo, 44, is the song-writer for the Festival of Autism. The theme song is a special composition completed in a one-off recording.

“Music is in my life, it is almost part of me,” Jack explains.

“It is a natural process – the form of music attracts and connects me. It is natural for most people to speak when they communicate, but I find it much easier to communicate and express myself through music,” he adds.

In 2016, he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome / High Functioning Autism. Jack recalls, “I was trapped inside of me, and before the diagnosis, I could not understand why.”

After the diagnosis of his son and his wife’s encouragement and support, Jack finally came forth for diagnosis.

The diagnosis helps him find identity and confidence. “Before I came to know about Autism, there were a lot of things that would happen that I didn’t quite understand, and judgments from others about my behaviours. After I started to know about this neurodevelopment condition, life began making sense,” he says.

When asked if there is one thing he wants people to know about Autism, Jack’s answer is “Anxiety”.

Jack hopes this Festival can improve understanding of Autism among all walks of life.

“I am hopeful to expect everyone possibly comes in contact with Autistic people, such as people works in the supermarket, waiters and teachers. I hope all are willing to understand more about Autism and attend the conference of the festival,” he says.

A special drop of love :

Interview conducted by Emma Liu.