Jon Adams works cross platform referencing  ‘Synaesthesia Aspergers’, autobiography, science and hidden metaphor. The result is a unique visual perspective of recording systemising history, time and place. Working as a book illustrator, his attention to detail earned him a reputation for quality work.

His work includes maps of train conversations, daily noting of his engagement with the Cultural Olympiad as a ‘geological map’, Leverhulme and Wellcome trust awards have seen him creating soundscapes from Supernovae with The institute of Cosmology & Gravitation and from ‘fMRI machines’ at the Autism Research Centre with Prof Simon Baron Cohen.

He supported International director Sir Peter Brook with autobiographical research for the play ‘The Valley of Astonishment’. ‘Democracy Street’ a current Speakers Art Fund commission and performing his own autobiographical work ‘Games with the water Horse’ at Venice Biennale and Turner Contemporary in 2015. He is a champion for Autism MentalHealth based in Coventry and a cultural ambassador for the NAS.