ABOUT this group

Swansea Chinese Parents of Children with Special Needs Support Group was setting up in November 2016 through Swansea Chinese Community Co-op Centre.

This is created as a platform for the parents of children with special needs. We aim to gather the parents together, to help each other, to be each other’s mutual support within the stigmatised community and to learn how we can better support the children to ensure that they have every opportunity to achieve their potentials.

WHO do we support?

We support the Chinese families of children with special needs – both parents and the children. The Chinese community in Swansea includes settled migrants to asylum seekers. We have families from both groups, but mainly from the community of Chinese asylum seekers.

WHAT is our aim?

We aim to empower the parents by organising related talks and workshop for them in Mandarin or with specially trained interpreters if it is an English speaker.

We try to organise play activities and therapies for children for them to receive equal opportunities; we also hope to advocate for children in the Chinese community with parents fear of discrimination and stigma surrounding disabilities that leads to their reluctance to get their children assessed. We hope to promote public education and increase the understanding of autism within the Chinese community.


Telephone number:(01792) 469919

Email address:

Address: 2nd floor, 37-38 The Kingsway, SA1 5LF Swansea

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The Play and Leisure Opportunity Library

ABOUT this group

The library, based in Swansea, is a unique project in Wales and the first play and leisure library for children and adults with a disability. We are a registered charity providing specialist toys and leisure equipment through a lending library service. The library is open to individuals and families in the community as well as centers, clubs and professionals such as Teachers, Support Workers, Childminders or Foster Carers who support children or adults with a disability.

WHO do we support?

We support children and adults with a disability. The majority of our members have autism; however we also support people with rare chromosomal disorders and complex needs. A diagnosis is not required to access our service, however, as we also help families who may be struggling with their child’s behaviour, or be in the process of obtaining a diagnosis.

WHAT is our aim?

People use our service because our approach to play meets and accepts each person wherever they are in life. We aim to provide support to promote personal development and for each member to reach their potential.

Zumbathon donations:

We will use the donations from the zumbathon to purchase sensory equipment to lend to our members which can be very costly. The funds will also help with running costs, such as paying staff to facilitate our members to play at our stay and play sessions.


Tel: 07546 267486


Address: Forge Fach Community Resource Centre, Hebron Road, Clydach, SA6 5EJ Swansea, United Kingdom

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